Why are we entrusted with it?

 What’s the whole point?

 Where do we find our purpose?

 Or is there even a purpose at all to this life?

 All pretty tough questions. It takes years for most to figure it out.  As for you, maybe you already know your purpose, or maybe you don’t.

 This life is a constant journey, and Justin & I; well, we’re far from figuring out where we’re headed and why we’re headed there.

 What we can see though is why we were where we were – and who brought us to those destinations, or who at least had the final say in where we ended. Besides, there’s a reason and purpose for everything, right?

 Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word.

Humans are satisfied with whatever looks good; God probes for what is good.

Put God in charge of your work, then what you’ve planned will take place.

God made everything with a place and purpose; even the wicked are included – but for judgment.

God can’t stomach arrogance or pretense; believe me, he’ll put those upstarts in their place.

Guilt is established through love and truth; fear-of-God deflects evil.

When God approves of your life, even your enemies will end up shaking your hand.

Far better to be right and poor than to be wrong and rich.

We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it.

[Proverbs 16, MSG]

 My husband Justin and I would like to invite you along this journey with us – to find the purpose and the bottom line in our lives. Through our experience, through the experiences of others, and through God’s Word we’re going to dig and see what this life is all about – and how we can find our purpose and live it.

 Join us, will you?

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