Getting Started…

Hello, we are in the process of getting everything set up for our ministry through this blog.  We will be posting asap!  Thank you, and please come back soon!

[Edit: 10/02/10 – We are in the process of linking our domain,  to this wordpress blog – it should be all set soon under that domain name.  We will also add some info to the other pages later this week.  Thanks!]


2 responses

  1. Dear precious Servants of God in service
    Sorry i forget to indicate the subject.Greetings to you in the Mighty Name of Jesus…. it was by the grace of God that I visited the Internet and was privileged to find your contact. After prayerfully reading and studying your WebPages, I was spiritually charged, moved and thrilled through your teachings i have seen it’s the answer we have found here in Kenya through your beloved Ministry. My spiritual electricity went stronger to find that you have what we need for spiritual growth. Right now I don’t feel like my feet are touching the ground because of the desire that has been ignited in me by reading your webpage….A ministry well done by His faithful servants brings GLORY to Christ….God bless…”My dear servant God has blessed us with 37 members under the shade worshping our Savior Lord.,having two projects i.e
    1.Assisting Orphans we have been blessed with 17 orphans and with tears watered out from our eyes as they greatly miss their parental Love of their parents and there are also and mostly affected physically and humatarianly with basic needs Food,clothings and shelter.
    2.Assisting spiritualy the widows and widowers being affected by povert in the community/society as well we need much to have trainings in our congregation too..Be in prayers to us here in Kenya our dear brothers and sisters money is not anything to us but ours is to see that we are doing goods to our brothers and sisters the same time to make the name of Jesus Christ well known every corner of Kenya and the World atlarge,so as to save the lost souls.We are praying for you for the wonderful work you’re doing in His Kingdom, We love to affiliate with you and your Spiritual work in His Kingdom too., God bless you as i hope to hear from you soon. Be in prayers that my family God has blessed with his Will to work in His Vineyard to save the lost souls and we are in prayers to you God to protect your Soul in your beloved spiritual family i.e you,wife and children.
    Praying for you.
    Pr. Peterson and his wife
    Sis.Josephene from -Kenya

    October 6, 2010 at 8:36 AM

    • Hello, We’re so glad that we’ve been able to bless you in some way, as that is our purpose. It is not by our wisdom, but solely by God’s wisdom. It sounds like you have been blessed with a great ministry in Kenya- I’m reminded of the verse Matthew 18:5, “anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me”. We appreciate your prayers, and we will be praying for you. Thank you once again, as you’ve been of great encouragement to us today. Feel free to contact us whenever and for whatever reason. God bless you and your ministry! In Christ, Justin and Courtney Swartz

      October 6, 2010 at 12:20 PM

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