Why We’re Blogging

Everyone seems to have a blog…including us now. So we’re going to take a minute and explain what audience we’re targeting, why we started blogging, and why BottomLine Life Ministries is different than most of the other blogs out there.

We’re mainly writing to Christians who are seeking to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ, becoming more like Him. We are writing to those individuals who want to grow in their faith, and apply it to their daily lives. Everybody is absolutely welcome to read this blog, comment on it, etc. – but it will most likely be relevant only to those who share our worldview.

We started this blogging ministry in order to teach others about what really matters in life. It is our hope that through our posts, everybody (married couples, singles, young or old, business professionals, average workers, etc.) can come away with a clearer picture of what their priorities should be. “What is my purpose in life?” is a relevant question for every person; it is our goal to help answer that by illustrating Kingdom principles through the use of Biblical teaching.

We don’t claim to know everything, and we certainly don’t have all of life figured out. We’re still learning, and plan to continue learning the rest of our lives. However, we believe we do have some insight to share, as we have spent the last few years diligently seeking God’s will for our lives.

BottomLine Life Ministries is different than most blogs in a few notable ways. First, this ministry is driven by our vision. We are not blogging for fun (although it is somewhat fun), for status, for recognition, or any other reason but to help others grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We are not focused on number of subscribers, the number of hits on our page, or any of that. We focus on quality instead, realizing that just one person has a limitless potential to serve, grow, and impact others when they are motivated out of a deep desire to grow closer to Christ. If this blog helps only one person to see what really matters in this short life, we would consider it well worth the time and cost.

Second, a good number of Christian ministries take Biblical teaching and apply it to a worldly viewpoint. We differ in the fact that we take Biblical teaching and change our view of the world to match it. It may be difficult, it may seem strange at first, and most others may think we are out of our minds, but ultimately it is what we know is true, as it comes from the author of truth.

To sum everything up, BottomLine Life Ministries is around to teach principles of the Kingdom of God that should be applied to our everyday lives.

We hope to have you follow with us as we continue to learn and grow as well.

God bless!


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