The Order of Life

What percentage of parents do you imagine have the plans of ‘graduate, college, career, marriage, kids, retire’ for their children? What percentage of (“mature”) high-schoolers do you think have similar plans? I would guess it is a large majority. It’s the plan I used to have. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with those plans. But let’s think about this: what is our individual purpose in life? Who gets to answer that question? I’d say that only God can, as He created us.

So, for those people who want to follow God’s will for their lives, do you believe God’s plan always, for every person, goes in the order of ‘college, career, marriage, kids, retire’? I know a good number of people already realize this, but this plan is definitely the cultural norm. I was stuck in that mode of thinking – I even had a semester at a University for mechanical engineering before I finally fit my plans to God’s will, not fit what I could of His will to my plans. This is not to say that going to college first thing is wrong, or getting married after you start your career is wrong. It’s only wrong if it’s your plan and you didn’t seek God’s plan. (I know I probably offended several people, but sorry – that’s the way it is: God’s the creator, we’re the creation) Mark 8:35, which says “for whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the Gospel’s will save it”, shows us that this life is not for us to seek our own pleasure, but to give back to God for his usage.

In this society, there’s way too much emphasis on material wealth. College (or mainly a degree) is seen as necessary in order to get a higher paying job so you can get a larger house, a newer car and more things. Again, not necessarily anything wrong with that either, but is it God’s will for your life? Courtney and I are going through an online program, Leaders for Christ Training Center, and plan to get a Bachelors degree through it for our personal education and growth. Will it get us a high-paying job? Not likely. Do we believe this is the direction God wants us going in? Absolutely, and so we head on no matter the cost or trade-off. This concept doesn’t just apply to college or career or kids, (although those are the topics that got me thinking) but to anything in our life.

The BOTTOM LINE: Seek what God wants you to do with the life He gave you.


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