What’s in your bucket? Part 2

In part 1 we talked about how many things, including who you spend time with, affect you.  We explained that our body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, but yet some things we let in our minds we wouldn’t allow in the church building.  So, we have an activity that we think everybody should either try (especially if you have kids, to help them see this point), write out on paper, or at least take a moment and run through it in your head.

Take a container – a bucket, bowl, cup, something. Fill it halfway with clean, cold water. This will represent your mind – starting out clean, with space to fill.

Analyze these categories: TV, movies, music, written media (newspaper, magazines, books), friends, websites.  Individually analyze each part – each tv show you watch, each band you listen to, etc.

For each item that is good and encourages your growth, put in a bit of fresh water.  It’s good to keep taking in positive media that is consistent with your morals and beliefs as it generally helps you to grow in your relationship with God.

For each item that is even questionably negative, put a piece of trash in the water, proportional to how bad that thing is.   So let’s say you watch something that only has a ‘tiny’ bit of swearing or ‘extra skin’ or violence – you might only put in a clean piece of paper towel.  If it’s something like Family Guy, KISS, or a car magazine that occasionally has an ad with a ‘lesser dressed’ model on it, dig a little deeper in the garbage bag (you don’t have to use real garbage – but if you have kids, it might make them really pay attention).  If it’s something like Slipknot, Kate Perry, Cosmo magazine or MTV, find something disgusting.

So, after you go through each category, take a look at your container (or your drawing, or mental image, whichever way you did this). Here’s the question.  Do you want to drink that water? Do you even want to touch that water?   Remember, that’s representing your mind.  Let’s say you end up with only a couple of relatively ‘harmless’ pieces of trash – in this culture, you would be doing a very good job.   Could you do better though?  Should you do better?

Let’s all take steps to let only what is good and clean into our minds.

The BOTTOM LINE: Some of the stuff we let in our heads is just plain disgusting.


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