Home Groups

Courtney and I went to a home group on marriage last night through our home church (well, will be our home church when we finally move) – it was our second time at this group, and only our first time meeting most of the people there. We’re somewhat shy, and we figured that we’d just remain unnoticed – but you know what? The people there welcomed us, made us feel at home, got to know our story, offered advice, etc. This home group was based off of a video series on marriage, but had no discussion questions at the end. Didn’t matter! People discussed the topics anyways, and I believe everybody took something back home with them from all the input. Courtney and I talked all about it on our rather lengthy drive home – how we were welcomed, the series itself, what we learned, and wisdom that other couples shared with the group.

Home groups are a great way to bond with others in your church, and can be a huge opportunity for additional growth. It can be a place for accountability, developing friendships, support, prayer, and much more. In Romans 1:12, Paul states a reason for meeting together, “that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine”. We were encouraged last night, and hopefully we encouraged others as well.

If your church offers home groups, we encourage you to find one during a time you can attend, and stay in it. If not, get together with some others in your church, talk to your pastor, and start up a home group.

The BOTTOM LINE: Why struggle alone? Join others who have the same goal – to grow more like Christ – and help each other out.


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