Why So Impatient??!

I’d like this post to be one that allows us that time to reflect on our lives as they are now. Or maybe you will be able to relate to this post by a past experience that is similar to my and Justin’s current.

If you’re going somewhere in your life, if success lies ahead for you or if you’re experiencing it now, why not enjoy the process while you’re in it? There’s no need to get to the finish line too quickly, or to achieve that goal of yours so suddenly. If you know God’s will, why should you hesitate? Why should you worry if you know what He desires for us? If you know that God has your best interest in mind, why don’t we just trust Him? Why are we so impatient?

I can’t explain why we do grow so impatient and discouraged so quickly in our situations, but I was inspired just a couple of days ago; a mini revelation, let’s call it.

It’s easy for Justin and myself to find ourselves discouraged and unhappy in our current situation. Not that living back with my parents is that bad, because in fact it has been a blessing, considering that we could be living out on the streets right now, or living house to house. This is not only a place to live, but a storage unit as well. If we were living house to house, where would all of our possessions be? We cannot afford a monthly storage unit rate, especially with no income coming in and our savings is quickly running out. But I believe the most discouraging part of our stay here is that we are not on a schedule, so though we seem to have all of the free time in the world, we never seem to be very productive. We should be enjoying this time in our lives, all of the freedom! Yet we are people who need to feel productive, or to know that we’re doing something to better ourselves, in order to really feel good at all. So in our current living environment, we find that very difficult. And besides that, it was our choice to quit working at Camp Pinewood, therefore our choice to give up that great house that we were living in, on camp’s property. Another thing that we find very difficult is adapting to the living styles of a home that we are not used to anymore. Justin and I enjoy keeping our living space[s] very clean and organized, something that we cannot fully do here since all of our things are crammed into one room, and the entire house is not ours to make. But again, we are trying to use this and turn it into a blessing – it’s an opportunity for growth, and a reminder AND encouragement of what we want and do not want our next home[s] to be like. It’s keeping us accountable in a sense, and reminding us of why exactly we want our lives in that kind of order. So, to my friends, no matter how much I may seem to complain about our situation, we see some hope in it! Just continue to pray for us. 🙂

Anyways, as for this revelation, Justin and I were driving somewhere the other day and as I was deeply thinking about our situation, which is something I can easily do as well as over-analyzing situations, I started thinking about how God is viewing us at this point in time, and He probably would be tempted to look down on us and laugh, and maybe if He were a mean God, He’s call us idiots. But we know in truth that He wouldn’t do that, maybe only laugh at our occasional stupidity. 🙂 Justin and I are the ones who basically stuck ourselves in this situation – all in the attempt to honor God with our bodies, our minds, spirits, souls, all of that stuff we have. We knew that God’s grace had been removed from Camp Pinewood and we shouldn’t be working in such an environment as we were. It wasn’t good for either of us – Justin because he was actually working in it, and me because I could only sit at home and worry about what was happening during his workday. Which, as we all know, worrying isn’t good for anyone. So as I began to think on this more, I realized that it was by our choice, our commitment to follow after God, that we forced ourselves into His timing by moving away from Camp Pinewood and into my parent’s basement. We didn’t like it there, and we didn’t want to risk becoming impure from an environment that was very impure. So choosing to move placed us in God’s care, entirely. He was the one who was going to have to do the moving and all of the providing in this situation, because all we knew was that we were being called up to Traverse City. We have job searched in the past, but not to this extent. We never have had to write so many cover letters to businesses that weren’t hiring, but they did value what we value, and since God wants the very best for us, we figured we would give it a shot and apply there. Most of our applying, including to those places who were actually hiring, turned into dead-ends in the end, though they did keep us hanging on throughout our time of job searching, because they either did show interest, or they at least offered help and directed us to other places who were hiring. And at this point, we are not sure if our job searching time is over with for the time being or not, since we’re in the middle of discussing some things with a prospective ministry. My point in this though is that we didn’t apply at McDonalds, Burger King, TacoBell, Walmart or Meijer, a retailer in the mall… Because we know what God’s will is, and He’s calling us to greater things. Now, I am not saying anything bad about any of those work places – what I am getting at is that if we ever feel discouraged, we need to remember in part that it is OUR FAULT because we have not applied at one of those ‘ho-hum’, ‘average’ jobs that any young person could get. We do believe we would be great influences there, but that’s not where God wants us. We’re sure of that. 🙂

In closing my friends, remember that God wants the best for us. If we truly believe that we’re not meant to work at McDonalds, then don’t give in! Also, don’t be stupid with it if you absolutely need money, but trust that God will get you out of it and into what He knows to be best for you. It’s in the future, and probably sooner than you think! I know that it is for Justin and myself. Try your best to not grow impatient, because God’s timing is ALWAYS the best, whether we realize it at the time or not. Just stick through whatever situation you may be going through, and know that God has you covered. Make sure that you have a listening ear also where you can vent and get your frustrations out so that you’re not storing them in – that’s something very dangerous that I know would hurt Justin and I tremendously because we happen to live in an environment where we could easily complain a lot about.

Quiet down before God, be prayerful before Him. Don’t bother with those who climb the ladder, who elbow their way to the top. Bridle your anger, trash your wrath, cool your pipes – it only makes things worse. Before long the crooks will be bankrupt; God-investors will soon own the store.”

– Psalm 37:7-9 The Message

The BOTTOM LINE:  Seek God, get to know His will, act in faith and with Biblical knowledge, and He will bless you as you seek Him.


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