He Deserves Our All

Let’s take a second to think and talk about what others think and say about us: Do they see something different in you as a Christian, can they see that you are seeking God’s best in your life? Can they see how blessed you are, and that you have an attitude of gratitude? Unfortunately for us, those who are not seeking God’s best for them in their lives often critique and criticize those who do mess up when they are seeking Christ – huh, who would have known it, it’s as if we were not human, and not expected to make mistakes! So many people view Christianity as a religion full of hypocrites, full of those who “talk the talk”, but do not “walk the walk”. Who’s to blame for this? I believe that we are, as Christians.

All of us have sank down to the world’s standards at one point or another, some of us more frequently than others. We may try and try, but it seems like we’re getting nowhere – but that’s something, right? Right, that is something. But what about those of us who are not trying, who are okay with God, they think He’s alright, but they prefer to stay out of His business, thinking that He will then stay out of theirs. I would like to inform any person who believes this way that the Creator of all humankind cannot stay out of your life, whether you would admit that you see His hand in your life or not, because since He created you, He is responsible for you. He has given you a free will so that you can come to Him on your own, but do not think that He does not care or is not in any way dealing in your life. He gives you all things good, and He has informed you [through His Word] how to defeat that which is evil – so if you ever think that God is the one who created evil, I’d like you to think again. During your time of struggling and pain, that is when God is reaching out to you, crying out to you to look to Him – it’s by your own decision that you have chosen not to, it’s not that He has rejected you in any way – He created you, perfect in Him, and He’s never going to leave you or forsake you.

Okay, anyway, back to getting on track with this post…

Let’s face it. As Christians, we’ve screwed up what little ‘good’ reputation our faith had left to it, and now it’s hard to get those around us, especially the younger generations, to even take consideration of God. We’ve made Him a joke basically in our society, mocking Him everywhere we go and everywhere we turn. And yet, because He is a loving God, He takes us back every time we screw Him over, and He loves on us like we don’t deserve, because He is our DADDY. No matter what any of our earthly daddies have ever done to us, let’s look to our perfect daddy in Heaven who makes all things new. Justin and I ask you, will you take this adventure with us, and look into why we need to live differently for Him, because He deserves it? Not because we have a selfish motive behind it, but because our Creator deserves everything that we have to give Him.

I want you to make a mental note of these things, checking off which ones you believe or not:

-Jesus is God’s only son (That’s naïve!)

-Jesus lived on this earth for 33 years after being born of a virgin (IMPOSSIBLE – there’s no way that happened. Sex is the only way to parenthood! …Wait, there’s test tube babies now, crap.)

-He rose from the dead for US, so that we have a way to once again be connected to Father God (Right, that isn’t possible either. Being risen from the dead? Pssh…. all of you are WACK.)

-There is only one way to God, and that’s through His son Jesus Christ (Great, now they’re narrow-minded, intolerant hate-mongers.)

-We have the Holy Spirit who guides us through every situation in life, who corrects us as we go, who teaches us more about the character of God (Um, yes. And what about our conscience, too? Why listen to the Holy Spirit when we can just tune in to what the Flying Spaghetti Monster has to say?)

-God’s Word is inspired by Him, infallible, the authoritative Word of God, and without error in the original languages (Are you KIDDING ME??! It’s old, it’s outdated… it’s just so irrelevant.)

Awesome, we have these basics listed [along with common thoughts in response to them, which we know are inaccurate]. Now, I want those of you who call yourselves Christians, tell me why you don’t read your Bible everyday. Tell me why you do not pray to Him as if He were your best friend, telling Him everything going on and then taking the time to listen to what He has to say. Give us your excuse for not giving God the first 10% of your income, or having fellowship with other believers who are very willing to keep you accountable and strong. Tell us why you find it so hard to stand up for what you know is so right when you’re facing trials or are being persecuted in some form… I am not going to list off reasons why we should do these things, because I believe that that should be up to you to study and find out why. I am not saying anything close to ‘Be perfect!’, because you won’t be – we certainly are not, and we also struggle with those things listed above. Only searching for God, finding Him, and learning Him will make you more like Him, into His perfect image – and yes, this is going to take a lifetime. By the end of yours, you still won’t be close to perfect, but you’ll be satisfied knowing that you most certainly tried, you gave it your all, and now you’re on your way to meeting the One who made that all possible. Draw close to God, and you will realize that He’s always been there for you, and you will see more and more of His character, and you will understand why He deserves our very best. You’ll find all of your answers, and if you have one that’s too specific to be answered right now, I assure you that you’ll be comforted in Him and you’ll know that within due time, you will find your answer. Rely on Him! It’s the only thing on this earth that you will find that is everlasting and truly worth standing for, we know this.

So please, we ask you, stand with us. Christians are falling, they’re becoming more and more like this world. We need to be different, to start anew with a good reputation, living lives that show that there is only one true God who is real, who understands us, who wants a relationship with us, and He wants us to flourish and live this life with abundance in every single aspect. Dig into God’s Word yourself, and see why this lifestyle is worth it, seek Him yourself to find how true it is, and LIVE IT. So many of us aren’t living in full prosperity as God wills for us to. Many of you have made the initial step to believe in Him, so why wouldn’t you want everything that He has to offer? Seek Him this Thanksgiving and Christmas, be transformed. Why? Not only because it will benefit us here and into eternity, but because He deserves it.

The BOTTOM LINE: Evaluate your relationship with God. Are you content in it, or do you need to seek Him more? Give Him your entire life and continue to seek Him, and He’ll give you all that He promised in His Word – besides, He deserves it.

[There is so much more that can be written on this topic, so if you have questions while you’re seeking Truth, let us know how we can help – we’d love to.]


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