Failure Is Not a Person

If you have a Bible handy, flip on over to 2 Samuel, 11th chapter. Read on through verse 14 of chapter 12. If you don’t have a Bible handy, here’s a link to read it online:

Once you’re done reading that, go to Acts 13, verses 22 and 23.

Wait a second…is this the same David in both verses? You mean to say that someone who committed adultery, plotted the husband’s murder, and didn’t confess or show remorse until confronted about it is someone considered ‘after God’s own heart’ and was chosen for the lineage of Christ? Yes. That is just how great God’s grace is.

So many times in our own lives (I speak from much experience), when we screw up even in the mildest way, our perspectives flip. (For this post, I’ll be speaking mainly about failures caused from us doing what we know is wrong, or not doing what we know is right.) We don’t believe that God will use us anymore, we think it’s the end of our life and we most likely say something like “I’m such a failure!”. This is the way most people think, but thankfully, it’s wrong. In God’s eyes, you are never a failure, and failure is never epitomized in a person. Failure is just an event.

God is not surprised when we fail, He knew our entire life before He made it. And beyond that, His plans don’t fall apart when we fail. Yes, our lives do have an impact – but this is just motivation to get back up again, not keep focusing on what might be the result of our failure and dwell even more on it. The Bible tells us that nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus. He loved us before we came to Him, and He’ll always love us even when we do wrong after we give our life to Him. Your failures and wrongs don’t disqualify you. Don’t get me wrong, they do have an impact. Sin always has consequences, and it will not remain a secret forever. But after repenting and getting your heart right with God, God can use you (He can use anyone, but it’s better to serve willingly with a clean heart). As long as your heart beats, God has a purpose for you. Don’t dwell on the past, just find out what He wants you to do now, and go with it.

Now this is not a license for sinning. Don’t think you can continue living with some sort of sinful pattern (whether it be jealousy, lust, greed, alcoholism, whatever) and everything will be ok, justifying that you’re human. Most people with a liberal view of Jesus show Him accepting every person just as they are – which is true, but they leave out the ‘go and sin no more’ part that goes with it. Just because God gives us grace over our failures and faults doesn’t allow us to keep up a particular sin. If you are trapped in a particular sin pattern though and you want to get out of it but keep trying and failing, don’t despair. Your heart is in the right place, wanting to please God by keeping His commands. You are not a failure because you can’t beat it, you just need to give the issue to God and get some people to hold you accountable.

So to summarize, you will never be a failure. If you still think you are, consider this: God doesn’t make junk, and if you’re still breathing, He’s got a plan for you. So if you’re reading this, God still has a plan and purpose for you, and no, it’s not for you to be miserable forever. I’m not trying to make light of anything, but just trying to give a straight perspective. It doesn’t matter how much you screwed up, or how much you’ve screwed up after becoming a Christian, or even if you are screwing up your life in some way right now as you read this. God still loves you, and He just wants you to get back with Him.

The BOTTOM LINE: Doesn’t matter how bad you blow it in life, God can work past it. You will never be a failure, failure is just an event.


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