Good afternoon to our fabulous readers! We just wanted to drop a quick update and let you all know that we appreciate your patience. Justin and I have been very busy lately, and finding it difficult to find time to write any posts. However, I should have time this week to write a good two or three posts.

Justin has been working at Great Lakes Trim right inside Williamsburg since last Wednesday morning, so I have been trying to keep myself busy – I’ve been spending most of my time at the Traverse City District Library, and the rest of my time has been spent in a motel room, or driving. Priority for me while Justin’s working is finding housing for us, and so far things are looking slow – or too expensive. However, we are going to check out an apartment complex later this afternoon once Justin is out of work, around 2, that is income-based. We will keep everyone posted, but in the meantime, if you have not read all of our posts, go to our different categories and read another that interests you! You’ll be sure to be blessed. 🙂  Please keep us in your prayers, and let us know how we can be praying for you as well.

Love you all, thank you for being the reason why our ministry is here!


Second Update, Later in the Evening:

Well, I have more great news from my side of things – I had an interview tonight with the Travelodge here in Traverse City, and the manager told me after my interview that he’d like to hire me right then and there – I told him however that out of respect for Justin I would have to talk it over with him, but now all is set up, and I start training tomorrow morning!  It is a housekeeping position, though the manager told me that whoever he hired for this position (me!) he would like to cross-train to also work front desk – which I would absolutely love.  So folks, that is the very most recent update.  Have a fantastic night!  We love you!


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