He’s Our Daddy

Early yesterday evening, Justin and I had a good discussion on our Abba, God our Father, our Daddy, and how He loves to feel special, too. If you’re a parent, think about how good it feels when one of your children, or even a younger brother or sister, gives you something that they made. Something specifically, only, specially for you. Not for anyone else to have, but yours to keep. Imagine how good it would make God feel if we made something for Him – He loves it when we sing to Him, praise Him, worship Him, pray to Him, but consider all of the different things your children or grandchildren do for you that make you feel loved. There’s much more that they do that is special to you than only their singing, their talking to you.

After talking about this for a good while, Justin and I decided to take out our art supplies that we have with us in this hotel condo and do our best to make God a project, yes, an art project, that came from our hearts. Though we showed one another what we made in the end, we didn’t have to, because these were our gifts to God. We know that He loved them, because they were made for Him, and for Him only. We talked about how we want to make this a tradition when we have children, to really encourage them to make something for God, to learn how to express their love and care for Him in different ways. At first we talked of dedicating a section of one of our walls in our home we’ll soon have to this project, to hang our newest masterpiece to God on display, but wouldn’t that ruin the entire point of the project? This is for God, for Him to view and take pleasure in. Within our family we will view these things, but our desire is to reach the heart of God, not for others to like. Besides, in the eye of man, these projects may not be “cool”, or may not look good. But God will love them. Whether it is making Him an art project, drawing Him a picture, writing Him a song that comes from your heart, singing that song to Him, writing Him a poem on how you feel about Him, or something else. Think of all of the ways that your children express their love to you, and do that for God. On Jesus’ birthday, make Him a cake. Have your children sing ‘happy birthday’ to Him as a prayer. Make Him gifts that are only His. Make it personal and specific. Justin and I have a box that we will put our projects in throughout the years, and pull them out occasionally to remember different times in our lives when we gave something to God.

This may be a new concept for you, but there’s no need to feel embarrassed or weird – it is, in fact, one of the reasons why God created us to begin with. He wanted us to glorify Him, to fellowship with Him, to be with Him. Most people do give things to God, but most of the time it is not in a physical sense. Many people do write Him songs, sometimes poems, they give their time, they give their money to do His works, they may fast for a while and give over a bad habit, but how often does someone draw Him a picture? Make Him a vase to put His flowers in on the kitchen table? Make a ceramic bowl in pottery class where He can put His candies? I believe that we need to teach our children the importance of God being real in our lives, He’s here and surrounding us. Treat Him like the King that He is, He’s our Daddy, so bring and make Him gifts. This is just one way that we’ll bless Him, by showing Him our admiration, His honor and His glory.

The Bottom Line: He is our Daddy, so why not treat Him like one?

Taking It Further: Go beyond this and bless the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as well. Praise them for who they are, not only for what they’ve given us.


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