You’re a Missionary and Soldier, Too.

[written either last Thursday or Friday, the 14th or 15th of April, the typer doesn’t remember]

Right now, I’m writing this short little post at work – on break.  You see, my full-time job is as a missionary – but not on foreign soil.  I’m a missionary where I’m also employed as a forklift driver.  So many times we don’t think much of our place of employment – day in, day out, paycheck, repeat.  But look around you, if you work around other people at all – do you think they’re saved, do they know who Christ really is?  You might not think you can do much, but you can.  Word hard, stay honest, stay above temptation.  Go the extra mile in your job.  When someone looks down, ask if they’re fine.  Ask if they need prayer.  Pray for people when they’re sick.  Share your lunch with someone without one.  These things, and more, show the Christ in you – they see His life, His light, and they notice.

I’m also a soldier in my workplace.  I have an objective – conquer this place for Christ.  The enemy is here, and constantly trying to destroy me through deception, treachery, loss of focus, temptation and distractions.  The attacks are minimal if I lay low – but then I fail my mission.  The devil’s attacks are sneaky and constant – stay in the Word!  Pray!  Even during your workday – this is also a great witness for Christ.  Pray for more workers to labor with you in this great harvest of souls – join with them in the battle for your workplace.  It’s not just dollars and cents on the line – but people’s souls.

Bottom Line?  Use your workplace as a mission field, but don’t get cozy.  The devil won’t want to give it up without a fight.


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