The Divisive Tongue

Justin writes great posts, doesn’t he? His are much more ‘teacher-like’ than mine are; he drives his material home well by giving analogies, points and research, and knows how to efficiently get them across. I on the other hand, find this more difficult. I love to write, more-so than speak out loud. When practiced I do well in public, but when asked to speak impromptu, just a couple of minutes before I am actually requested to speak, or when I simply just am asked to explain something even only among a group of friends, I’m not good at it. Explaining in general, I have never been good at it. I’ve tried and tried, and only end up more frustrated. I do believe that there truly is some link missing in my brain. I feel so hindered by this, I feel like I could do so much more if only this were different…

Oh well, I have come to and accepted this. Justin knows by now to be patient with me, and he tries to help me out the best that he can, though most of the time, my brain is so different, I imagine he finds it difficult to. I really do feel bad about this, I feel like sometimes it must frustrate him when I take so long to try to explain something, when he on the other hand can pull an analogy about anything out of nowhere, and in a moment anyone could understand what he’s trying to say. Most of the time, my brain has so many thoughts, that it will go into overdrive when I am in the middle of trying to explain something, and I will just have to stop completely because more thoughts will have shoved their way in – what I mean by these different thoughts are ideas, they’re not necessarily distractions. Basically, I am just not quick enough mentally to speak this without my words just becoming a jumble because more ideas are being produced as I talk. And most of the time when I do try to explain something, I leave the listener more confused than ever.

But when I write, it’s completely different. I am confusing sometimes, but more often than not I can explain things well (if you believe differently, please let me know. I need to make these posts as understandable as possible). So, in conclusion, I love to write and I always have. I cannot wait to get to Heaven and be able to have a new, beautiful mind that is perfect, one that can fully understand and comprehend all things – but, you know what, I’ve accepted mine. I’m not stupid, I am not mentally retarded, I just have issues. Ha. As all of us do to some extent, but I just am not gifted in that area, of speaking clearly I guess. At least, not quickly. And, I am now okay with this. I do believe that God has made me extremely creative, I just need to continue to learn how to better organize and still my thoughts. He’s given me a mind that will imagine up great things, I just need to become a better steward of it – and more importantly, not talk so bad about it. ;]

 I have no idea why I just told you all of that. But, what I did decide when writing my last post is that I am now okay to take a different writing style than I have been writing in, or than Justin has been writing in. My former posts are still me, but I tried to write like Justin in most of them, thinking that’s what the readers would want – straight, to the point posts, ones they can read quickly, yet they still motivate you to change your life. I do hope that mine get the same results, but I guess maybe I am just warning you that mine will continue to be long and sometimes not related to the title of the post – if you do not like this, read up in the Bible how we all are given different talents and jobs in the body of Christ, and we all make up the one body – meaning, we need to accept and raise up all others in the Body. ;P Yes, we’re all unique and make up the Bride. But if you still can’t stand me, search up Justin’s posts. 🙂

 “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the Children of God.”

-Matthew 5:9, King James Version

 It’s important here to understand the difference between peacemaker and peacekeeper (as well as peace-breaker, but you can probably imagine what that means). Jesus called for His disciples to promote peace, but not peace in the sense that we hear it so widely spread throughout the world today. Jesus is speaking of the peace that God gives, for us to spread that around and be in unity with the body of Christ. He’s speaking of the comfort, joy, and serenity that comes with knowing Him, which will tie up divisions and allow no condemnation. In the Old Testament, the meaning of peace was completeness, soundness, and well-being of the total person. The traditional Jewish greeting, Shalom, means “peace” and was wish for peace. In the New Testament, peace often refers to the inner tranquility and poise of the Christian whose trust is in God through Christ. The peace that Jesus spoke of was a combination of hope, trust, and quiet in the mind and soul, brought about by a reconciliation with God.

 “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Your heart must not be troubled or fearful.”

-John 14:27, Holman Christian Standard Version

 A peacekeeper is someone who prefers to keep things calm, cool, and collected, no matter if it’s morally wrong or not. They [add more to definition]… Though this sounds great for the most part and we all should strive for keeping things “calm”, or at least non-offensive, this is getting harder and harder with such diverse views on different things and activities in our culture. And we should never become tolerant or ‘okay’ of things that we know are wrong according to the Bible, or we should not just sit back and watch the world grow more and more… worse? Wrong? Un-Biblical? Unethical? I cannot think of the proper word, but you get my point. Whether we want to admit it or not, this nation is far from being Godly, and it would take a miracle to get it turned around at this point – well, much more than one miracle. Several thousand, maybe? I’m only being realistic. 😉 And with so many young people especially experimenting with different ways of life, I don’t see that happening at all.

Justin and I, along with many, many other people in this world who know at least a little about the Bible and call Jesus their Savior, believe that there will be a period of world peace coming to this world soon – a period wear treaties will be signed and vows will be kept, but only for awhile. We’ll head into what many are calling a one-world government, and there will be peace, the kind that this world brings, for a while. But only for that. Then…

Look it up for yourself, study it. See what will happen. 🙂

 Now, take everything that I’ve said so far in this post and remember it, but shove it to the back of your mind (but still within reach as to remember it). Let’s talk about a different side of all of this peace talk – about bringing division, or the opposite of peace, with how we speak. Also known as being a peace-breaker.

Divide and Conquer” is one of Satan’s most effective strategies for hindering the effectiveness of any effort undertaken by two or more people. He knows the power, synergy, and blessings that result when we work in harmony; therefore, he makes every effort to bring division. It’s hard to believe that people would be like this, but think about it – do you know anyone who seems to always attract drama or at least cause arguments, either in your family, or one of your friends (well, if they’re one of your friends, maybe you should reconsider that relationship, so let’s instead call these people you know either an acquaintance or just someone who you kind of know)? It’s kind of scary and very sucky to realize that dissension and division are just so ingrained in some people that it’s embraced as normal. And if you profess to be a Christian and live like this, this can dangerously overshadow that claim.

The sixth chapter of Proverbs lists seven things that the Lord detests; among them is “a man who stirs up dissension among brothers” (verse 19). In Ephesians 4:3, Paul urges believers to keep the “unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” Obviously, he knew that keeping peace meant tremendous effort (and again, do not get this confused with going against all that you know, everything Biblical, only to “keep the peace”. The Truth of God’s Word is far more important than the peace that we can keep among friends and family if they’re going against what He says. Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance to discern and be clear on the difference of the two, and to know what is most important in the heat of the battle). We cannot afford to be ignorant of Satan’s tactics to keep us at odds. He will cause us to become offended over a harmless statement, to read more meaning into a comment than the speaker intended, to ascribe impure motives to someone’s behavior, or to believe a lie. The Holy Spirit will surely reveal the truth of a situation – so trust Him. He is our peace, and when we embrace Him, He directs us into peaceful resolutions of our issues. In fact, our conflicts in our relationships with others can and will become stepping stones to stronger relationships when we make a commitment to understand each other and to refrain from divisiveness.

When it comes down to it, just think before you speak – a lot of what I have and will be writing about in this “Tongue” series of posts is built upon that. We must know that anytime we tell another person something negative that someone else has said about him or her, our actions will probably cause division. This isn’t to say that you should avoid warning a person about another who is not asking in his best interests though, or about a rumor that you heard about this person. Clarify to the person you are talking to that you heard this rumor, and you do not believe it to be true – you only want to warn the person in case they hear of it themselves. In fact, maybe you should even go a step further and help to cut the rumor down, so that the person doesn’t need to worry about it. That part however, is totally up to you. Just be discerning if you go about this, so that you do not somehow cause division with your tactics. 🙂

 The Bottom Line of Speaking Life: We must be agents of peace, Christ’s peace, using our best efforts to reconcile parties in conflict. Speak this over yourself: I will make every effort to speak words that engender peace and refrain from any communication that creates disunity.


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