Update/Excuse as to why we haven’t written in a while…

Well! Justin and I celebrated our two year anniversary on Monday, and it was oh so beautiful, and much needed. Since we’ve been living up here near Traverse City, things have been close to chaotic – well, I really cannot say that. They have only been busy, and occasionally stressful. Since we decided that it was “right” for us to take on the position of Children’s Ministry Directors when offered by our pastor and the former directors, after praying on it of course, our lives became a lot more cluttered, a lot more busy, a lot more stressful, but a lot more clear, full of purpose, and more rewarding. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

But anyways, our anniversary. Sunday night, I made us a dinner of breaded catfish, parmesan-encrusted potatoes, carmelized and sautéed red&green&yellow peppers, onions and mushrooms, and fresh corn on the cob. It was a marvelous dinner. For breakfast the next morning, the actual day of our anniversary and since we were running late, I fried us up some corned beef hash with some scrambled eggs (our first time trying brown eggs, btw – never going back to white, if we can help it!), and some sourdough toast with butter assisted the experience. It was nice. We then drove the two hours up to Petoskey, taking the more scenic route of US-31 along Lake Michigan and the bays. That was delightful all in itself. Once we arrived where we wanted to be, we walked a good amount, but even more than that, we took pictures. That was also nice, because we hadn’t gotten some more recent pictures of us in a while. I appreciated it, since I wanted an updated profile picture for Facebook.

We spent the day talking, laughing, being ourselves again. It was beautiful. I fell more in love with the amazing man that I married two years ago. Best decision ever <3.

We had an over-priced dinner at a little cafe, but the food was still good and healthy. I had the “blackwich”, which consisted of thin chicken breast, an herb, pesto mayo, avocado, a blue cheese dressing, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and I feel like there was something else that I forgot. I couldn’t tell you what ingredients were on Justin’s sandwich either, but the two bites that I had of his were very good as well. He had a cup of reuben chowder with his sandwich also, and I had some chipotle chili – very, very good.

On our hour and a half drive home, taking the less-scenic route of US-131 through Boyne Falls and Kalkaska, Justin asked me ten questions. This was a very special time for me. :] He asked me things relating to our relationship – how I think that we can improve it, how he can improve, what he can do to help me grow spiritually and intellectually, my goals for the next year – questions like that. This just turned into a very good discussion of our lives, certain aspects of it, improvements, goals; and it was nice. I love my husband.

We got home late, so basically we just let the dog out then went to bed. It was a very peaceful, relaxing sleep. I felt closer to him than I have for a while – such a good thing we have. ❤

The church that we attend is Love to us. It is just the best – Resurrection Life Church of Traverse City, Michigan. You should check it out, because it’s just fantastic. If you have a SmartPhone, you can get our pastor’s messages with the YouVersion Bible app, and you can download all of the sermons for free – so do it! [: They’re powerful, and we’re learning from the best. We love all of the little kiddos who we work with in the Children’s Church, and we love working with the parents especially. It’s so awesome to discuss with them the growth of their children and to assist in such a large part of their children’s lives; the spiritual aspect.

Justin’s work is going well; he’s been consistently busy, which is great. My job of staying home; cleaning, organizing, maintaining Unger, is all going well also. I picked up a little “side job” of cleaning our church, that has helped with our finances a good amount actually – for this we are thankful.

Our most recent home remodeling project has been painting our living room – it’s made a marvelous difference so far! I cannot wait until it is done.

I attached a picture from our anniversary, and a recent of our six month old puppy (with paint on his nose). Love to you all, we’ll be writing soon!






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