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Woooh! It’s a been a while. And I am SO excited to be back. Why? Mainly because I have been realizing, especially over the last week, that I need this. Even if we didn’t ever get any subscribers and no one ever read the posts. I believe what produces the most growth in a person – whether it’s mental, emotional or spiritual – is sharing what you have (whether it’s physical or material things, finances, wisdom, or something else) with others. And growth is something that we very much need in our lives right now, something that we’ve been needing and desiring for oh so long yet we haven’t realized how to obtain it. But in the end, our main goal is to help YOU, not ourselves – but this will also be helping us. So, it’s a win-win. 😉

I am so excited! I just can’t say that enough I don’t think. Oh, and btw, this will probably be Courtney doing most of the writing in general now, since I stay at home and do nothing 😉 while Justin is in town working his butt off. The fact that we don’t have internet at our house is going to make posting entries a bit more difficult, but I will manage. We live five minutes from a public library with wifi, or I have a smartphone that I could transfer the post to if I wanted to post it immediately. Which, I am not a very patient person, so that is probably what I will end up doing most of the time. :]

We’re pregnant now! That’s one of our biggest updates, haha – I am 17 weeks along, so not too far. However, that means 3 more weeks, and I am half way through this thing! Which really does seem crazy already. We’re excited 🙂 We will be finding out within the next, oh, probably two months if it’s a boy or girl (even though you’re able to find out the sex via ultrasound between 16-20 weeks these days, that’s around when my next ultrasound will be). I’m doing my best to stay patient. ;] We already have all of the bigger items that we need except for a dresser and changing table combo, but we’re waiting until yard sales this summer. (I am SO EXCITED to go baby yardsaling, btw. It’s going to be my favorite! Justin even admitted he was excited for it :P)

My pregnancy has been super good to me so far. No unhealthy cravings (I prayed for only healthy cravings, and praise God, that’s what I have gotten! It’s so cool. I truly do crave I feel what my body needs when it needs it. It’s lovely), no super ridiculous nausea, no achy, crampy, hurtful ligament stretching or anything similar (I have had some ligament stretching, but it’s not really painful. A lot of it too is I think because I know it’s supposed to be happening, I expect it, so it doesn’t hurt? It’s all a mental game ;]), and… I don’t know what else to say. 🙂 We’ve been preparing a ton, reading everything related to baby (I started this research well before getting pregnant), our birth plan is complete for the most part (just have to pre-register at the hospital and attend some birthing classes)… So, I’m feeling good about all of it.

We’re having a homebirth, and my due date is August 2nd. Our midwife is AMAZING! I love her.

Justin’s been super amazing so far wif eve’yt’ing. We read Husband-Coached Childbirth by Robert Bradley, and we agree with most everything in it. We’re incorporating a lot of the Bradley Method into our birth plan. Justin has been giving me a deep, thorough lower back massage every evening to help ease any pain, he’s been making sure I am eating and drinking what I need to be, he’s making sure that I squat when I need to reach for something low instead of bending at my back (it’s amazing what a difference this makes! This definitely isn’t just a pregnancy thing that I’m going to keep up), he makes me sit taylor-style when I sit, and more. He’s been a marvelous coach so far, and I know he’s only going to get better! He’s taking it so seriously and I love it. Shows a lot of his character and personality I think, to put such effort into everything he does. I’m so glad that God gave me him, and not someone any different from how he is. 🙂

Our Mr. Unger is doing very well! He turned a year old on February 5th, and he’s more mellow now than ever (well, duh). He’s still the cutest and funniest dog ever. 😉

The Children’s Ministry at church is going super well. Lots of growth happening there! Soon we’ll be heading into three services on Sundays instead of the two (the church as a whole, not only the Children’s ministry), but we’re also getting more helpers at the same time (and they’re very talented, woohoo!). This all is so much new experience for Justin and I, to lead such an amazing group of people. It’s the coolest. We’re learning SO much, and sometimes it gets overwhelming, haha. However, we’re getting better at dealing with it, so that’s made everything smoother. (“Smoother”… reminds me of a smoothie, and one sounds super good right now. We DO have the ingredients for one…)

If you have any suggestions on how this site can serve you better, PLEASE let us know. We really are doing this for you, not for us. We love people, and want to serve you the best we can – so if you do have any comments, suggestions, concerns, please leave a comment here or visit our Contact Us page.

We like you. 🙂 And I’m going to be writing more, YES! And I will make Justin write as well (he will willingly do it though, it’s just a matter of finding time).




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  1. Tally

    Congratulationso n theupcoming addition to your family! Sounds like you have a supportive partner. My husband was a tremendous help in labor (and the many weeks leading up to the big day). We took Bradley Method classes, too, and credit our practicing Bradley with our wonderful natural birth experience. Did you get the “Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way” book? I liked it much more than the one by Dr. Bradley because it’s more of a practical guide. I didn’t have luck finding it at our library, but you can buy it on Amazon. Best wishes on your pregnancy and birth. You can do it!

    February 25, 2012 at 6:06 PM

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