Research, research!

So, our little boy is three months old!  He keeps me busy, for sure, already.  🙂  Justin’s job is going well, a few weeks back he was promoted to a title where he’ll have more responsibility yet less stress.  This is fabulous news!
I spend most of my days researching this and that, since I have so much time to.  I do love it though, I do believe what I research then act upon is improving our lives.  Most of these things include home remedies, and just natural news in general.
Just yesterday I bought a membership to our local natural foods market co-op, Oryana.  This excites me tremendously. 🙂  We have been eating more and more natural foods, and as we’re financially able we are incorporating more organic.  All of our produce is now organic, along with our dairy 🙂  This makes me one happy girl.
It’s so important for me to be a good steward of everything God gives us, that’s why we’re buying more and more organic.  Doesn’t it suck that these items cost more, when it is what we should be eating anyway?  I consider it my responsibility though to feed my family well, so I refuse to fill their bodies with additives, perservatives, chemicals, dyes, GMOs, any of that crap.
For Christmas I am hoping to buy us a juicer, but they are so expensive!  The specific one I am looking at is around $350, and that’s one of the cheaper ones!  I also would like a nut grinder so that we can make our own peanut butter (and try other nut butters!), since we go through SO much of that.  Those are cheaper, a very high quality machine under $100 is a normal find.  If anyone asks, that is what I want for Christmas.  😉  The juicer I will buy if I sell my saxophone, otherwise we don’t have that much money to spend unless it’s for propane, a house payment, or taxes.  Ha.  🙂

I am thoroughly enjoying life right now.  Being a mama is definitely my current calling. 

The next exciting thing on our agenda is a friend’s wedding downstate on October 6th.  I’m in the wedding as a bridesmaid, how fun!  The bachelloerette party is October 4th, we’ll be going on a wine and spa tour, out to eat at Red Mesa, and staying at the Grand Beach Hotel.  It’ll be a blast!

I’m going to start posting new recipes and home remedies I find that work best, ’cause I can.  Woot!


He looks so grown up, doesn’t he?! This picture was just taken, he is lying on my lap looking around right now.


This one is a few days old now. 🙂


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