New Beginnings

Justin and I have kind of been “stuck in a rut” I guess, ever since moving up to Traverse City.  It’s been so long it seems since we’ve experienced real growth in ourselves – though, we haven’t felt dry in any sense.  We just haven’t been fed regularly within the confines of a church, so when we are in service we aren’t sure how to.. I guess we’re just not sure how to be.  On our own, we’ve come more accustomed to worship, so we’re great at that – and when we really felt a part of a church, we were worse off in that area, so I guess that’s one plus of feeling like this since living here.  Our biggest downfall I think was not knowing how to manage our personal lives/growth alongside leading the children’s ministry, since that took up so much time, and we wanted to put as much time and effort into as we could.  As we got more into it though, life began to catch up with us, and only a few months in we were feeling burnt out.  But we stayed in, and learned how to cope.  That coping involved less involvement still with the rest of the church – we kind of felt so far gone that we didn’t know how to relate to the adults anymore.  Whenever we could get into the sanctuary for service it just felt awkward.
Now, this post isn’t to knock the children’s ministry in any way.  Especially the larger the church, you just have to make sure you’re called to it.  lol 🙂 
The actual intent of this post is to let you know what to expect from us in the next year – and that is, I have no idea.  :}  We feel so far removed that we’re just going to have to write as we go.  So this may be more like a journal for the next few months, until we feel as if we have knowledge worth sharing, when we’re growing with the church again.
We finally COMPLETELY stepped out of the ministry, for now, a few weeks ago.  It was just finalized last night.  No more teaching even, until who-knows-when.  🙂  We’re excited, but it’ll take a lot of effort to get involved again.

We’re also pretty broke.
So, here’s to new beginnings in all areas!  God is able!  🙂


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