More ramblings, of course!

So, apparently Justin writes real posts and I just ramble.  Truth – but only for now.

What’s on my mind:
I HAAAATED the IV you have to have during labor and delivery.  Bull.  I ate a nice big meal while in labor (actually, it was closer to transition), and because I listened to my body and relaxed, I never got sick.  But as soon as we got to our hospital room they hooked me up, which was totally unnecessary.  And when it came time to breastfeed Mal, the stupid line was always in the way.  I asked several times for it to be removed, but they told me it had to stay for around 4 hours.  Whatever nurse, you’re dumb.  (I did talk the actual delivery doctor into having it removed though, so it was in maybe only another hour).  Seriously though, so many medical procedures are completely unnecessary.  Precautionary?  Pffff.  Vaccines are “precautionary”, but if you do your research you’ll see they as well are.. I gotta stop, I could rant for days about vaccines.  I HATE them.  Me = against every single freaking one.

I do not like nor trust the FDA, CDC, anything Big Pharma – well, just our government in general.  If you dig around and do your research, you’d be surprised at how much and many of our regulations are driven by money.  It’s not because they care for the people.  I believe that George Washington may have actually cared for the people, but America’s been long gone from his principles.. oh wait, but isn’t he, and every prez, a part of the Illuminati?  Darn.  We’re all screwed.

I REALLY want to live on a farm.  Near Lake MI, near an Amish community.  Where can I find land like this (and have the money to buy it?)
(Oh, I will just start working for Merck, that’s right…)

It’s 74 degrees in our house!  Which is warm, considering that our thermostat is at 62.  Awesome, blazin’ hot woodstove…

I actually feel like it hurts me, maybe?  Or at least angers me a lot, when people even dare compare breastmilk and formula.  Not even close friends, not even close.  I think it hurts me though because now that it’s a relevant issue for me, I can relate, I take it personally.

I still haven’t read Justin’s post yet.

I will take natural peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts) over any other, any day.  We will be buying ourselves a nut grinder for Christmas to begin making our own.  Mmm 🙂

I am also in search of a DEEEELISH breakfast muffin recipe… and I want to make a quiche soon.  OMG, a chorizo quiche, mmmmmmmm…

I think that is all I have to say.. for now.  😉


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