More annoying health ramblings ;)

Justin’s wisdom always amazes me.  I missed his posts.  You can definitely tell when the Holy Spirit is directing him or not.  Within the year that he didn’t write any posts I’d ask him to here and there, but I’m glad now that he didn’t.  I do feel the need to clarify though – the reasons behind “our” ministry were actually Justin’s reasons – I had my own, lol.  I never really had the mindset in the beginning that it’d get big, so I would never check the stats anyway.  But here lay my biggest issue – I didn’t believe that God could really use us to help others, so I just typed whatever.. well, I can’t say that.  I meant what I posted of course, and I really did dig deep to find what I did for my posts.  So, I can’t entirely say that, but I mainly did it as an outflow/output of what I was learning, not intending to actually help others, because I didn’t believe what I was learning was special enough or different enough.  So, I did it for fun, though it did help me to grow in my relationship with God.  But because I stopped writing, just out of lack of discipline and not enough motivation, I fell behind in growing in my relationship with God.  So, that is why I am back, so it is different than Justin’s reasons still.  But, I do hope that what I am learning will help out others too.  My posts so far haven’t been very helpful [since I’ve been back to posting], since I am still learning the habit of writing.  But as I have mentioned in the last couple of posts, soon!  I will start sharing again, or so I hope.  🙂  I am believing for it.  I think I will begin to share from the study I am going through, Disciplines of a Godly Woman.  I did the first three chapters several months back, but because of lack of discipline (ha!), fell behind, so now I am redoing those chapters.  It’s been good so far!  But the first couple of chapters are more difficult to share of… but, I still will as I dig deeper, as the content goes deeper.  It’ll come eventually.  😉
Right now I’m not even sure what to write, so I guess I’ll just ramble, as I have been.  At this exact moment I am sitting in some pjs (red wings pants, one of Justin’s work shirts), sitting on the newly rearranged living room furniture, nice fire going in the woodstove, Malachi in his bouncy chair talking to himself and eating a flashlight, Unger’s lying on the couch next to me, awaiting Justin’s arrival home in about 30 minutes.  I have no idea what I’ll make for supper… we don’t have many groceries right now, but that’s intentional, because I’m forcing myself to use up all of the odds and ends items that we have in the pantry so that we can sort of “start over” in our shopping, if you will.  We still have a few boxed dinners that I want to eat so that we can never buy that stuff again (make sense?  I don’t just want to throw it out… but I don’t want to ever feed my family it again afterward, since it’s so processed and I wouldn’t consider it real food.  So, starting anew!).  Because we’ve been very limited in our foods (I am so excited though to have almost bare cupboards, so that EVERYTHING we buy can now be organic/natural), I’ve been having to be creative with all of our meals.  This morning for breakfast I had a big plate of scrambled eggs – before putting them in the heated pan I added to the whipped eggs some hot sauce, homemade hummus, raw milk cheddar cheese, large granule sea salt, and wheat germ.  It tasted pretty good!  Was weird, but good.  We have some shredded chicken from the roast I made last week that I will use for dinner, along with our last package of white, bleached, enriched (so, not very natural lol) alphabet pasta.  For a sauce I will throw something together that uses butter.. and flour.. maybe cornmeal.. haha, not sure, I will definitely have to be creative there too.  For a vegetable I will just steam some carrots most likely.  But we’re going shopping tomorrow, so I will write another meal plan tonight for the next week-two weeks.  🙂  I very much enjoy meal planning.  I’ve done it for several weeks now but didn’t this past week since I wanted to use up EVERYTHING in our cupboards.  We’ve almost met this goal!  It’s exciting. 

Oh yeah, and why organic?  A lot of people seem to think it’s only because of the pesticides – that’s not the only reason why, though that contributes.  Many people argue that point though that they’re not entirely pesticide free, since neighboring non-organic pesticides blow over onto the organic crops – this is true, though it’s still LESS pesticides, and that’s what we’re going for (but that’s also why it’s most important to choose LOCAL and organic).  We’ll never be able to completely avoid this junk, as processed and artificial as our world has become.  But, we’re going to try, since we’re supposed to be the best stewards of our body as possible.  Have you ever heard of GMOs?  This for me is a bigger reason for going organic than avoiding the pesticides is.  GMOs are genetically modified organisms (plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology.  It merges DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding)  – used in over EIGHTY PERCENT OF ALL OF OUR FOOD.  Crazy stuff, it is.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time explaining what they are since you can look that up for yourself, as I believe you should, but I’ll say a little on them, as an overview:
-Though GMOs are in that much of our food, very few studies have been conducted to determine whether they’re harmful to human health or not.  But the studies that have been done, show that they produce several different types of cancer
-GMOs may trigger allergies in people – Genetic engineering may involve the transfer of new and unidentified proteins from one food to another, with the potential of setting off allergic reactions.  And allergies aren’t simply a matter of slight discomfort; they can potentially result in life-threatening anaphylactic shock.  Without the labeling of GMOs, which isn’t required by the FDA, people with allergies won’t know if they are eating foods that contain genes from other foods to which they are allergic
-Genetic engineering may create new toxins harmful to human health – In 1989, a genetically engineered version of tryptophan, a dietary supplement, produced toxic contaminants.  Before it was recalled by the FDA, the mutated tryptophan wreaked havoc by killing 37 Americans, permanently disabling 1,500 people, and 5,000 became ill with a blood disorder called eosinophilia myalgia sydrome.  This may not sound like that big of a deal because the numbers aren’t huge, but we’re supposed to be able to trust our food*
(*food to me are items that have not been man-made or modified)
Here’s more info, I could explain more in depth, but will not as to not take up more space in this post than necessary:
-Biotech companies want to use farm crops to grow pharmaceutical drugs
-British study finds that genetically engineered bacteria lives on in human gut
-Genetic engineering may lead to antibiotic resistance
(all this information was taken from “The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods” website)

More on GMOs real quick:
-Virtually all commercial GMOs are engineered to withstand direct application of herbicide and/or to produce an insecticide.  Despite biotech industry promises, none of the GMO traits currently on the market offer increased yield, drought tolerance, enhanced nutrition, or any other consumer benefit.  Benefit is only for the pharmaceutical company, the doctors, the government, and the grower of these modified things
-A growing body of evidence connects GMOs with health problems, environmental damage and violation of farmers’ and consumers’ rights
-Most developed countries do not consider GMOs to be safe.  In nearly 50 countries around the world (including Australia, Japan and all countries in the EU), there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMOs.  In the US, the government has approved GMOs based on studies conducted by the same corporations that created them and profit from their sale
-Over 80% of all GMOs grown worldwide are engineered for herbicide tolerance.  As a result, use of toxic herbicides like Roundup has increased 15 times since GMOs were introduced.  GMO crops are also responsible for the emergence of “super weeds” and “super bugs”, which can only be killed with even more toxic poisons
-These products are considered to be very high-risk for GMO production:  Alfalfa, corn, flax, rice, sugar beets, yellow summer squash, canola, cotton, papaya, soy, zucchini, milk, meat, eggs, honey and other bee products
-GMOs began to really be incorporated into our foods in 1996
-Some of the health risks of eating GMO products, apart from cancer, include infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in organ and the gastrointestinal system
-Genetic modification is radically different from natural breeding
(This information is taken from The American Academy of Environmental Medicine,, The Non-GMO Project, and from the book and documentary Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods by Jeffrey M. Smith)
Alright, that’s more information that I intended to provide, but it’s so important for us to do our own research.  No more said on GMOs now.  🙂

GMOs, pesticides, what else have I forgotten?  Oh!  Artificial flavoring, food dyes, and processed foods.  Please, don’t get me started.  😉  The taste is SOOOOO different in natural foods than those that have artificial flavorings.  SO different, ugh.  You can’t even compare them.  Less sugar and more flavor, the way it was intended.  Have you ever had an organic toaster pastry, and compared it to the Poptart brand?  I will never eat a regular poptart after tasting an organic one.  Yes, they look much different as well, because there are not any food dyes in the organic/natural ones.  Strawberry flavor is a dull brown flavor, not a bright, happy red.  Lemon flavor is actually a boring brown, not a cheery, bright yellow dye.  It’s amazing, the differences!  Justin and I laugh whenever we see a processed food labeled “Made with REAL FRUIT!” In the first place, oh my goodness, they actually need to advertise that?  Shouldn’t a FRUIT pastry have fruit in it to begin with?  If you then flip the container over to read the ingredients, it says that it’s made with less than 2% of the following: apple juice concentrate, pear concentrate, and artificial berry flavor (when the flavor of the poptarts was wild berry).  WHAT?!  Where’s the real fruit?  And the real berries?  Man, how far astray we’ve been led as a nation… in every area.
Food dyes have been proven to cause cancer, allergies, hyperactivity, lack of attention, sleep problems, mood swings, violence/aggression, lack of impulse control, bed-wetting, skin ailments, breathing problems, compulsiveness, not consistent in reactions to dyes, and have no nutritional value. (article “The Case Against Artificial Food Colorings: Should You Be Concerned?” by Dan Shapley, published April 01, 2011 and by Rebecca Evans in her “Die, Food Dye!” blog)

Okay, I really don’t want you to stop reading this article out of boredom, but if you’re still interested in learning more, check out these links (some of my favorites), and be educated!

Sometimes I myself think I take this stuff too seriously, but then I take a few steps back and realize how much better I feel, how much better I look (even though I’m gaining weight!), and how inexpensive it can actually be.  Though we’re buying all organic now, since we haven’t been buying much unnecessary extra it has come to be about the same price.  Meal planning really helps keep costs down too, and otherwise all of your choices may become overwhelming.  If us poor folk can do it, you can for sure!

Just one more related article, that describes me well too I think:

“It’s not often, but sometimes I get flack – whether it be in the form of a roll of the eyes, a look, a sneer, a backhanded comment or an outright why bother, everyone else is doing it and they are okay.  Sometimes someone will go so far as to sneak my children something when I am not looking, because they don’t want to say ‘no’, or because they think it’s okay (in all fairness this has only happened twice – that I know of!)

Sometimes friend and strangers alike get overwhelmed with the information that I impart, and I get responses like, “I can’t worry about the chemicals in the car seats when I have to worry about so many other things.” “I’m feeding my kids fruit and vegetables so it’s okay if they have what everyone else is eating too (re preserved foods packed with dyes and chemicals),” or “toxins in hoses too?  Come on.”  And guess what?  Sometimes I feel that same way.  The information is overwhelming.  We live in a society so dependent on making things bigger and better that they (the people adding the unnecessary junk into our foods, toys, clothing and every day products) don’t care at what expense it comes (except for price to make – that’s why they make it how they do!)

So why go to the extreme?  Because the information is available if you look for it.  Because avoiding toxic chemicals on foods, furniture, cars, bedding, etc. does make a difference.  Because not being aware can and does seriously injure and kill people.  A woman I recently came into contact with, Danielle Barry, wishes she had known about the chemicals in car seats before her son ended up  chemical burns as a baby.  A friend of mine wishes she had done her research on vaccines before her son became injured due to just one injection.  Families of people diagnosed with non genetic forms of cancer are wishing that they knew about the dangers of pesticides both on the foods they had eaten and on the lawn they once only cared about having look green and lush.

I don’t want to one day be one of those people who get sick down the road and have no idea why (yet their lifestyle and diet clearly give some clues).  I will ‘go to the extreme’ to keep my family as safe as possible so that they can live a healthy life, because we’re called to be good stewards.  I will avoid as much as I can so that the baby thriving inside of me doesn’t have 200 to 300 toxins in his/her cordblood from the likes of things like teflon, pesticides and flame retardants.

Life is about living, living free from illness and inflammation that slow people down.  Of course we are all going to get sick at some point, whether it is a cold, a virus, food poisoning, etc. but those are the illnesses that we are supposed to get; the ones that ultimately make our immune system stronger from having to battle them; the ones that we feed our bodies the nutrients and supplements it needs to fight them quickly and effectively, while avoiding the refined sugars, chemicals and fever reducers that will only hinder our healing process.

Life is about enjoying food, playing, laughing and loving.  I am making sure that my family does so far a long, long time, healthily!  (Note from Courtney:  Of course, our purpose is to serve God and bring Him glory in everything we do, but the longer we live the longer we’re able to do this, and the longer we’re able to do more for His kingdom!  ← THAT is a reason alone to live like this.)”

(article taken from RaisingNaturalKids, a blog)

Whew!  Enough of that, now?  🙂
A lot has happened since beginning this post.  Justin has come home from work, we went into Kingsley, we hung out a bit and chatted, Justin has typed a post, Mal is in bed, the woodstove fire has died (almost), and dinner was consumed a couple of hours ago.  It’s now 8:50p.  I’m going to post this soon I think, because for now I am out of what to say.  Sorry this post wasn’t too exciting, I just worked up over these issues, because it’s important to me (not WORKED UP worked up, like I don’t get angry over it, I just have a passion to share it since it’s important to be educated, and I wish that upon all people, since I believe it’s destroying our nation – again, refer to Hosea 4:6)

Maybe later I’ll share why I have a passion for sharing on non-vaxxing our kids… or not, I suppose that isn’t the purpose of this blog.. but it is important for us to be educated, and since becoming a mom these things are of utmost importance to me, are now my passions; vaccinations, breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding, and healthy living.

Man, I’m very much looking forward to when we are able to get internet at our house, transferring documents from our computers to my phone to post is annoying, lol.  Oh well, somehow it’s good for me?


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