For real

I feel really good about all of this.  Big change for me, but I’m excited.
I decided to end our 21 day church fast with the deactivation of my facebook- I know, WOAH!  Which, unfortunately for Justin, that may mean more personal, real life, about us updates here.  Justin isn’t into that, but I am.  I believe that being real about this life is all a part of discovering our purpose and the best that God has for us.  I will, however, do my best to keep my personal opinions and research out of this, though I know it will be very difficult for me.  I haven’t yet figured out what my “outlet” for all of this knowledge will be… I have considered myself still allowed to share pictures and articles on facebook, yes, maybe I will do this.  I feel so strongly and passionate about some things, there’s no way to keep it contained… perhaps I will convince Justin to allow me to share of these things here, we’ll see, as long as I tie it into God’s plans for our lives.  But in the meantime, I am very happy to direct you to Sara’s site, Healthy Families for God.  She is a wise lady and very well researched.  I will miss following her on facebook.

I will start Monday I suppose, with all of this.  When I am tempted to go to facebook, I will read my bible, study, then share.  Sounds like a fabulous plan to me.  I gotta get even more focused, man.


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