Is Health a Spiritual Issue? Re: Vaccines

Something to ask yourself: is health a spiritual issue? Think it through first. We have a body, a spirit, and a soul (mind). So we would think that they are all connected – and they are. But how much are they connected? Could our day-to-day decisions in one area (body, spirit, soul) affect the others? We say yes. So this post (and possibly some following) will be about how our decisions regarding our body reflect our decisions spiritually. Specifically in this post, we will talk about vaccines and how our decision is affected by, and affects, our spirit.

Vaccines are a very controversial issue, and I’m sure that some of you reading are offended already that we are bringing up this issue. There will be no offense intended in this post one bit, but some things need to come to light. We’ll start by talking about the science behind vaccines, some vaccine facts, and other information before we draw spiritual comparisons and connections.

This may be basic information, but bear with us, since some of the basics even get skewed or sometimes people just don’t know how they work. First, vaccines contain (notice I didn’t say ‘are’) dead viruses. After injecting, the body detects the dead viruses, and creates antibodies for those viruses. The antibodies allow the body’s immune system to identify and attack that type of virus if it should re-enter at some point. To make an analogy out of it, let’s imagine a town in the ‘wild west’. Getting a vaccine would be like hanging up “WANTED” posters for an outlaw. It does help to identify what you’re looking for, but the Sheriff (your immune system) still has to catch the outlaw (although antibodies do sometimes ‘handcuff’ the ‘outlaw’). Vaccines are not foolproof, but they get touted as such. They do not make a person ‘immune’ to any virus or disease, and so we will not refer to them as ‘immunizations’. We’ll unpack that more in the spiritual implications part.

Back to the previous paragraph – vaccines contain (not ‘are’) dead viruses. So what else do they contain? It varies vaccine to vaccine, and manufacturer to manufacturer. Let’s take the MMR vaccine from Merck (very common, one of the ‘mandatory’ ones your kid is supposed to get). It includes: synthetic vitamins, amino acids, fetal bovine serum, sucrose, sodium phosphate, glutamate, recombinant human albumen, neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, chick embryo cell culture, WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblast (among other ingredients). Fetal bovine serum comes from the blood drawn from a bovine (cow) fetus via a closed system of collection at the slaughterhouse. Sodium phosphate is a preservative that carries with it the risk of kidney injury. Recombinant human albumen is obtained from human blood – the source of the blood is not given in the vaccine inserts. Recombinant means that it is genetically modified. WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblast is from a 3-month old fetus. Let me run that by you again – the MMR vaccine contains material extracted from a fetus (unborn baby). Whether the fetus (unborn baby) was aborted prior to extraction or whether the extraction aborted the baby, I don’t know. Either way it includes death. Many other vaccines contain some or all of these ingredients, and many also contain thymerisol, which is basically mercury. Even the flu shot from this season contains many questionable ingredients – several which are derived from substances that ‘experts’ say you should not give to your children under one year old. Somehow, despite this, the flu shot is considered safe when administered to anyone over 6 months old.

Now some facts about vaccines. In one study done by Dr. William Torch examining SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) cases, 26% of the deaths occurred within 3 days of receiving the DTaP vaccine. 37% of the deaths occurred within 1 week of the vaccine, 61% occurred within 2 weeks, and 70% within 3 weeks. Most of the time SIDS is attributed more to suffocation, right? Since it’s been recommended that infants sleep on their backs, SIDS cases have dropped by 8.6%. HOWEVER, there was an 11.2% increase in SUIDS (sudden unexplained infant death syndrome). Another fact: over one-third of doctors refuse vaccinations in general, 73% refuse the Hep.B vaccine, and 66% refuse the MMR vaccine (source: American Medical Association’s archives of pediatrics and adolescent medicine). So please, please tell me why the doctors that push vaccines on us refuse them themselves? Would you trust a chef who doesn’t taste his own food? In another direction, there is an organization called VAERS – vaccine adverse event reporting system. Vaccine related injuries are to be reported on VAERS, although the definition of vaccine related injury has been so pruned down that it most likely excludes a large portion of legitimately vaccine-caused injury. Over one billion dollars have been awarded through VAERS for vaccine injuries, with thousands of cases pending. Here’s another related tidbit: former FDA director David Kessler once admitted that only 10% of vaccine injury cases are ever reported. Also, vaccines are not tested long-term for adverse reactions. Yet another thing to consider: doctors are paid on average $18 million per year by Merck to promote their vaccines (source: But wait, at least vaccines brought down the death rates of these diseases, right? And less people get these diseases now because of vaccines? Think again please. It would be too lengthy to write out the exact details of this graph, but featured on there is an article titled “Putting Measles Into Perspective”. In this article, two graphs are compared: one from the government, one from an “unofficial source”. The graph from the government actually has a modified scale on the y-axis, which represents “cases and deaths per 100,000 population”. The scale is different from 0.1 to 1 and 2 to 20. What this means is that any visual correlation you may see is now distorted. Imagine if you drew a picture of a person on silly putty (why you would do such a thing, I don’t know). You couldn’t say the picture is accurate anymore if you stretched out the leg portion of the picture, but left the rest as is. The ‘unofficial’ graph shows a straight scale along the y-axis, and this shows us a more accurate picture: there was a sharp decrease in measles cases from 1913 to approximately 1955, and virtually no (scale) reduction from 1968 to present time. When was the measles vaccine introduced? 1968. So basically, the measles disease was drastically reduced BEFORE the vaccine came around. And the last thing I’ll list here is this: the pertussis vaccine is used in laboratory settings to produce brain lesions in lab animals for study because it is very neurotoxic. The pertussis vaccine is included in the DTP and DTaP vaccines (obviously representing the ‘p’ in the acronym) that our children are supposed to receive.

This is all information you don’t hear about from the media, and certainly not from your average doctor. We only hear about how vaccines have ‘saved’ us from this or that disease, or how you’ll get sick and die if you don’t have these vaccines, etc. Anybody who questions vaccines is looked down upon, insulted, and sometimes gets a guilt-trip on top of that. One baby magazine that Courtney got in the mail (they’re almost as bad and persistent as the DirectTV mailings!) said that opponents of vaccines try to convince others with ‘fear tactics’. Let me ask you this: which side do you think is trying to scare the other? We’re only telling you what is actually (evident on Merck’s website, CDC website, and elsewhere) in their vaccines and what their success rate is, they are just saying ‘you’ll get sick and die if you don’t get these’. In fact, many pediatricians will threaten to remove you as their patient if you do not get your child vaccinated, and there have been many cases where the pediatrician threatens (or actually does) to call Child Protective Services if you do not get the vaccinations. On the news we hear cases of people who weren’t vaccinated contracting something commonly vaccinated for. Do they include the cases of ‘fully vaccinated’ individuals coming down with the very same illness? It’s not that uncommon. Did you know that most of all vaccine research is performed by the very drug companies that manufacture vaccines? I wonder if we can trust these companies.

Just a sidenote to go with this: we think we can trust WebMD, right? They’re one of the leading health websites out there. They have a very interesting sponsor. At the bottom of their front page, you will see “sponsored by Merck”. Again, Merck is one of the leading vaccine and drug companies. That being said, is WebMD a credible and objective source for information regarding vaccines and medication? No. Find some other sources.

And now for the time when we dig deeper than all the surface stuff. How does this apply to the spiritual realm? We’ll pick apart some basic themes or topics we see.

-”Immunity”: the average person relies on vaccines to protect them from illness, not God. We think that modern medicine can save us, if we throw enough money into the system. I’m not saying that everyone who vaccinates has this attitude, but it is common. What does the Bible say about trusting others for protection?

Isaiah 31:1 states a clear example, “What sorrow awaits those who look to Egypt for help, trusting in their horses, chariots, and charioteers and depending on the strength of human armies instead of looking to the LORD, the Holy One of Israel”. This is not saying we can never go to modern medicine for help. I believe that trauma / emergency care is very important – I would not put my trust in it, but I don’t think I would have the faith for complete healing if I was horribly beat up in a car accident. In a case like that, I would much appreciate modern emergency care. However, vaccines would be under preventative health care. In the case of vaccines, we are essentially saying that God did not create a sufficient immune system to support our bodies, and that we, in our infinite wisdom and intellect (where did all of our wisdom and intelligence come from, anyways?) can come up with something better. Kind of reminds me of the Tower of Babel – the concept that if we are together using ‘our’ intelligence we won’t need God.

-Deception: dig around, do your research – the information that you are finding, were you told this information up front? Did someone disclose this to you when you vaccinated your kids? Did someone tell your parents this when they took you to get your vaccines? No. We are being deceived. All throughout scripture we see cases of the importance of seeking truth and avoid deception. Adam and Eve rejected truth, and followed the deceiver’s advice. Jacob perpetuated the strife within his family by living up to his name, “deceiver”. The twelve scouts sent to the promised land were deceived by their fears, and therefore deceived the rest of Israel. Korah, Dathan, and Abiram tried to deceive the Israelites into thinking Moses was not set apart to be their leader. The case that I’m thinking of occurs in 1 Kings 13. It’s too long to quote directly in here, but basically a “man of God” gets deceived by someone who claims to also be a prophet to disobey one of God’s original instructions to him. How does it end? A lion comes out and kills the “man of God”. Our intentions do not save us from deception. We need to stay as informed as possible, and search the Word of God to see if things line up.

-Pride: the world of preventative medicine, including vaccines, reeks of pride. We reject any possibility of God’s healing, and instead graft in our own overglorified fantasy of invincibility. When we step back and look at most of the medicines and treatments nowadays, we notice two trends: 1) they treat conditions that could very well have come about due to our negligence nutritionally or chemically, and 2) they cause as many side effects as ‘benefits’. I can’t say this is the case all the time, but I do believe it applies to the majority. It may sound like an atrocious and absurd claim, but I say this after searching these things up for quite some time. Do your own research (refer back to the deception part), put the pieces together, and see if you get the same picture.

According to Proverbs 3:7, “Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the LORD and turn away from evil. Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones”. Makes me wonder what would happen if we humbled ourselves, admitted we can’t even breathe without God providing us with breath, and start seeking His ways regarding preventative health. On a different point, many people say that these modern health treatments are okay because God gave the doctors and drug companies knowledge and wisdom on how to extend our health. But I ask several questions: would God give these people ideas that come with horrible side effects? Does this apply to preventative health, considering God has already given us wisdom regarding this in scripture? Would God approve of the way that these ‘cures’ are marketed and almost forced upon us? Would God, who is declared in scripture to be our healer, suddenly grow weary of His role as healer and pass it along to someone else? Take note: this is not saying there is no purpose in our health system. This is just saying that there is no purpose in the majority of our health system, at least if we would follow God’s advice addressing health. Argue with this if you would like, but only after you search these things up.

-Murder: Exodus 20:13 – “You must not murder”. How does murder relate to vaccines? Well, back in the ingredients of the MMR vaccine (again, very common) we saw that there was ‘material’ from aborted fetuses. If you don’t believe that abortion is murder, then I’m sorry, but you’re really deceived. Take a look at some pictures of what they do in abortions, what tools they use / used to use, etc. – then after you’re done crying and vomiting, see if you can still say that it’s perfectly morally okay. Back to the vaccines though – whether they abort the fetuses for this purpose or use already aborted fetuses for this, I don’t know. I suppose only the manufacturers know this – but let’s think about it for a second. If the manufacturers are aborting the fetuses, we are murdering people for our ‘health’. Even if vaccines were as effective as claimed, we still cannot justify killing innocent people for our health. Now if they are receiving the aborted fetuses from an outside source, are they paying for them? Again, we don’t know. But do you think that abortion clinics (if that is where they get the fetuses) would donate them to the vaccine manufacturers simply out of the goodness in their heart? So it is likely that if the manufacturers are not providing (murdering) the fetuses, then they are in some way supporting the organization or company that does supply (murder) the fetuses. I personally refuse to have any part in this sick cycle of death. Beyond this direct murder, the vaccines themselves sometimes have severe side effects, sometimes leading to death. Vaccines can cause encephalitis, which is swelling of the brain. This swelling can lead to long-term disabilities or in some cases death. It’s one thing to sell a product with a possible side effect, making this known to the general public so that each individual can decide if the stated benefits are worth the potential risks. It is an entirely different matter to hide information, skew information, cover up deaths by creating new categories of death (SIDS, SUIDS, etc.) instead of placing blame on the most likely culprit, harass those who question the effectiveness, pay doctors and medical websites to spread propaganda, pay for roadside billboards promoting vaccines, prosecute parents for shaken baby syndrome when the brain swelling was caused by a reaction to a vaccine, threaten to call CPS on parents who don’t vaccinate, and so on.

-Idolatry: this ties in closely with “immunity” and pride. We have rejected God from our lives as a nation (and as a world), and now we are trying to extend our life through our own health concoctions. I believe it’s good to try to extend your life, and I believe that following God’s advice for eating, health and hygiene are the best way. But extending my life does not come before serving God. God is the one who gives life, and yet the majority of us seek the input of doctors and drug companies, and never give God a single thought in this area. We may not bow down on our knees before a carved wooden image of a doctor, but look at where our trust lies. Anything that comes before God in our priorities is an idol. I ask again – as a nation, do we put our health before God, or God before our health?

Why has the Church done nothing about this? We are too deceived to do anything about it, that’s why. We have failed to question what needs to be questioned- we have just gone along with every bit of misinformation that is spoon-fed into our mouths. Proverbs 14:15 says, “only simpletons believe everything they’re told! The prudent carefully consider their steps”. To be fair, the cover-up is so thorough that most people (my past self included) aren’t even aware that there is controversy surrounding vaccines. Now that we have raised some questions, the responsibility is on you, the reader, to search these things up. Will you blindly accept the statements of the drug companies? Will you blindly accept our statements? For all you know, we could be lying just as much as Merck (although I assure you, we are not). Search these things up for yourself. This goes for everything else, especially including the Bible. Search your Bible daily, see what it says. Don’t accept doctrine from just anyone – accept it from the Word of God!

Final note: we don’t mean to offend anyone with this post. Many of you reading could be in the health care field, and we appreciate your willingness to serve and help. We believe it takes a special kind of person to make a job out of tending to others’ needs. However, we believe that the current systems are doing more harm than good, and this needs to be stopped. If you wish to comment to chew us out, feel free to do so- only after you search these things up though. But if you’re searching these things up, keep these things in mind: any articles from government agencies should be inspected thoroughly, disqualify articles that don’t contain hard facts, doctors don’t always know best, and look at each article to see who wrote it, who sponsored it, etc.


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